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New Album by Ceferina Banquez

In September 2018, at the age of 78, the Colombian singer-songwriter from bullerengue CEFERINA BANQUEZ and her band toured Chile on the occasion of their participation as a guest at the official Showcase of the IMESUR International Music Conference in Santiago; This is how the recording of this live album is given entitled NO LEAVE ME ALONE FROM CDS, CONCEPCION, CHILE, which collects 8 of the unpublished compositions of Master CEFERINA.


Under the musical production of Javier Mutis García, Producer of the Bogota record label Fundación OM Producciones Music and with the engineering of Pedro Antivil, from Leufu Estudio Chile, the live recording of this album was carried out during a show presented at the emblematic club CASA DE SALUD Cultural Center in the city of Concepción.


The 10 songs that make up the album are the result of the process of preservation of the Afro-Colombian musical heritage, creation of new compositions, research and human rights reporting that CEFERINA has been doing during her musical career, the theme of the songs ranges from exaltation from the beauty of nature and the fauna of his native Guamanga environment, going through humorous and double-meaning themes until reaching deep reflections on the armed conflict, displacement and systematic racism.


Among the themes authored by CEFERINA we can highlight as objectives of this album SIN PANTALETA, a song that lasted 2 months in the TOP 20 of Radio Nacional de Colombia reaching the # 4 positionDO NOT LEAVE ME ALONE, MI PONDO, BULLERENGUE PA VENDE, MANDINGA Also included are two classics of oral tradition such as EL PICHINDE and DESPACHENME QUE ME VOY. The album has had a great reception in international charts, entering the TOP 40 of November at # 20 and December at # 37 of 2020 on the Transglobal World Music Chart.


In January 2021 the album was placed in the 5 place of the most popular albums of the Roots Music report in the USA.

The other songs by CEFERINA that make up the album are: KASIMBA, I WANT, I CAN'T and DON'T CRY ME.


The album is also available to purchase on Bandcamp: 


In February 2021 it will be available on all digital platforms and on CD, in July it will be released on Vinyl LP.

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