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Anibal Velasquez


Master accordionist Anibal Velasquez's remarkable career spans more than six decades during which time he has made more than 300 albums. Born in 1936 to a musical family in the port-city of Barranquilla, he made his first recordings in 1952, scoring an immediate hit with a track called "La Gallina".


He went on to become an in-demand session player before forming a band with his two brothers in 1960, whose experimental incorporations of regional styles and Cuban influences made them a dominant force in the Musica Tropical movement. But by the 1970s, the drug cartels and related violence forced Anibal to move to Caracas where he continued his prolific output for 18 years.

After all tose year out of Colmbia now he is back in Barranquilla enjoying rightful status as one of the few living legend of colombian's gloriuos music past 

In 2012 Anibal Velasquez was an Official showcase at WOMEX Thessaloniki, after this showcase the band increased their tours in Europe, Mexico, USA and South America.

Alicia la flaca - anibal Velasquez
Carruseles - Anibal Velasquez
Faltan cinco pa' las doce - Anibal Velasquez
Cumbia borracha - Anibal Velasquez
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