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Culture Industries-Music Bussiness-Cultural Management

Since 2002 the OM Producciones Foundation has created and developed artistic projects focused on cultural heritage and creative industries, with a strong emphasis on the international development of musical careers of traditional Colombian artists in USA, Canada. UK, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, France, Germany, Poland, Greece, Hungary, Austria, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Mexico, Chile among others.

Los Gaiteros de San Jacinto & Yeison Lan
Management and Booking of Artists
Project Management of Creative and Cultural Industries
Artistic and cultural curatorships

We represent artists and national and international groups exclusively for Colombia and abroad. Our company has a strong influence in the Latin market in the USA and Canada, having its own branch agencies in these countries.

We organize and book concerts, workshops and activities as booking agents authorized by the managers of Colombian and international groups and artists.

We create, formulate and execute heritage projects for the sustainable development of cultural initiatives and ventures around the cultural and creative industries such as music, dance, theater, audiovisual production , cultural tourism.

We strengthen training for entrepreneurship and the national and international projection of companies and artistic groups that seek to position their products or services.

We provide specialized consulting services to public and private entities that require programming cultural events, developing activities or training programs in arts and cultural entrepreneurship and or improving their levels of artistic production.

We advise events such as Musical and / or Artistic festivals, artistic workshops and cultural entrepreneurship, international cultural management, labor visa procedures to USA, Canada.

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